Bridges International has gone online & city-wide!

This year, many of our events will be held in-person and are open to any international student and faculty in Houston. Click the link below to get connected through regular updates on upcoming events.

Spring & Summer Activities

July 16th- 7-10 PM

Bridges Game Night!

Join us for a night full of games, friends, and good food! Click here to sign-up & to let us know you’re coming.

Starting February 5th

Friday Fun Nights

Socially distanced small groups will enjoy a picnic and a short tour of fun hotspots in Houston. Face-masks required. Snacks will be provided. Sign-up with your friends to reserve a spot. Up to 15 students in each group. Choose a day that works for you.  
Click here to sign-up & to learn more.

Saturdays 4-5pm

Weekly Bible Study

Have you ever been curious about the story of the Bible? We read famous stories and discuss the Bible’s overall theme. This is a group that encourages mutual respect for all faith backgrounds and those who don’t have a religious identity. Questions about faith, life, and God are welcomed. We hope it’s a time where friendships are formed and we can all learn something new. Click Here to let us know of your interest to join.

Bridges Summer Events

WELCOME TO SUMMER IN HOUSTON FRIENDS! Come, meet fun people, and hang out with us this summer! More details on the flyer above! For the events requiring a cost, sign-up will come later!

Every Saturday 6-9PM

Saturday Community Nights

Do you want to make friendships that will last AND play games at the same time? This is the event for you. Come and experience cultures from all over the world all the while being in a comfortable home setting. Sign up HERE to get the details!

February 13th starting at 8PM

Believers’ Gatherings

If you are a follower of Jesus looking for community, join Bridges students online believers’ gathering for a time of fellowship and worship. Contact if you are interested. February 13th, March 13th, and April 10th.

Do you have an idea for a fun activity? Let us know!

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