Host Thanksgiving

Will You set Extra Plates At Your Thanksgiving Table?
For most of the Thanksgiving holiday, the campus will be empty of staff and students. However, there will still be many international students on campus as they have no where to go for the holiday. This is a great opportunity to welcome these students into your home.  In the past several years, we have had generous community volunteers open up their homes and invite internationals to see how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Students love the opportunity to see the foods we cook and to be in a family setting. Both sides have been tremendously blessed. 
Would you and your family be willing to have students join you for Thanksgiving either on the day of Thanksgiving or over the course of the weekend? We usually ask that a family would be willing to host at least two students, because it makes the student feel comfortable to go with someone else. We would also need you to be willing to pick the students up and return them home afterwards as many do not have vehicles.

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